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some people were interested in this so I thought I might as well post the video.

before you watch it(or skip it), you should probably know that it’s unlike any porn you’ve ever watched. I’ve watched it a few times and I’m still not sure what to make of it. it’s incredibly intense in its own way. Manuel seriously has to stop having sex with her at some point just to calm her down. it’s emotional, and raw, and definitely not something you’d click on when you’re bored and just want to whack one off.

I can seriously relate to getting just about this emotional. Sometimes I just need him so very badly that I don’t feel I can get enough. And it’s odd, even scary, because I’ve NEVER felt I needed someone so badly, in fact, I wouldn’t say I’m even that emotional normally.

ah god the calming down at the end made my heart squeal :3

HOLY SHIT.  So very intense and hot.

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    To watch later.
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    So fuckin naughty…
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    This. Is. Beautiful.
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    This is wow i suggest you watch this n reblog it its amazing how she is with him i kinda feel sorry for him but its soo...
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    This is an amazing example of what extreme subspace looks like. She is consumed by him and. She HAS to hear certain...
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